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co-star Riley Smith during a Valentine's Day date on Wednesday (February 14) in Los Angeles.

Lucy was also seen holding a single white rose while leaving the restaurant and giving Riley a kiss goodbye at the valet.

The "Writing's on the Wall" singer is dating model Jay Camilleri, E! "They are not in an exclusive relationship as of yet," says the insider, but adds that Camilleri is a devoted person and most likely isn't seeing anyone else while spending time with the British crooner. "I've never had a boyfriend so I don't really know any different, which I think is very lucky actually," he shared with us.

Although they've recently started dating, nothing has become super official. News in the fall that he never had been in a relationship before because of the difficulties navigating fame and personal life.

It also sounds like their characters will share some romantic chemistry in which premieres on March 7th.

According to Deadline, the series is about a young woman named Stella (Hale) whose terminal cancer is cured, leaving her to figure out how to move on with her life after she previously spent the last 8 years with cancer living each day as if it could be her last.

Lucy Hale has a new television series and possibly a new boyfriend to go with it. News reports that Lucy Hale is dating actor Riley Smith.

" Ellen De Generes asked him when he appeared on her daytime talk show."It's actually a really recent decision. "I change my mind all the time, but I kind of decided a few months ago that I need to have a little bit of a break."And what was on the docket for his time off?At that time many people wondered if they had gotten back together.If they did, it looks like it didn't last for that [email protected]_lifesentence."This new romance comes about nine months after Hale split with her boyfriend, Anthony Kalabretta.The duo reportedly called it quits in May 2017 after two years together.

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This means she has to figure out how to get a job and return to a normally paced existence.