Who is wendy williams dating

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Who is wendy williams dating

But people's eyes were immediately drawn to the hand against which she is so clearly snuggling. She writes"#oldenoughtobeyourmother," which is the type of boasting disguised as a self-deprecating statement known as a It's great to hear that Wendy is moving on, and with someone young enough for a woman of her means and fame. He's a familiar face from Hilariously, DJ Boof had to swat away this theory all day long on Monday. There are those who wonder if perhaps Wendy hired a hand model to snap a photo. Maybe to make Kevin Hunter jealous -- and drive him crazy -- during their divorce. Many were quick to theorize that she's currently boinking DJ Boof. Some have, of course, been spouting a different theory at anyone who will listen.“I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about.” “It’s not who you think,” she quickly added, addressing rumors that she’s dating a 27-year-old named Marc Tomblin. He’s brown-black.”“Here’s me and Marc running around town,” she said as paparazzi pics of the pair flashed behind her. They were married for nearly 22 years and shared a 19-year-old son.“Mother doesn’t deal with children.” The 54-year-old, who filed for divorce from her husband in April, tearfully revealed that she’s seeing man also in his 50s and she seems very happy with the new relationship. Williams has often said that she doesn’t like being single and enjoys the companionship of a man.The young man sat silently while the paparazzi peppered Wendy with questions about her post-Kevin Hunter life. “Please don’t ask about Kevin, we have an 18-year-old son, that is not Kevin,” said Wendy referencing the man next to her. ’ she told the paparazzi who asked the man his name. I’ve still got a very full life, please don’t make me cry.

All of this comes about three months after she served her ex Kevin Hunter with divorce papers. I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about,” said Williams with tears in her eyes. “It’s not who you think,” Williams told the audience.“Mother doesn’t deal with children, but it just so happens that I guess with my charm and wit I attract people of all ages.” “Here’s me and Marc running around town,” she continued while a photo of her and Tomblin appeared in the background.“You all thinking I’m messing around with a 27-year-old?___________________________ Last night Wendy was picking up some soul food with her new (alleged) boo and even spilled tea on what’s REALLY going on at home. I had so much fun last night at Craig’s with my boss, Debmar-Mercury President, Ira Bernstein.Though Wendy seems to be in good spirits, she did break down into tears while talking about her situation. #How You Doin 👏🏽👏🏽 A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on “Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people. The food was delish and the conversation was mouthwatering.

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