Yoona and heechul dating

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Yoona and heechul dating

The differentiation between being members of an idol group and being individual entertainers is what is important.The same cannot be said about junior groups, even ones like SHINee and f(x) that have very defined concepts and have seen numerous successes.In comparison to SM's younger groups, Super Junior and Girls' Generation have nothing to truly fear.Super Junior has gone through multiple member shifts as well as the scandal of one member being sent to the army due to drunk driving and fighting.SM eventually confirmed Sulli's relationship with Choiza, but it came months after denials.The handling of the different situations points to the way that SM Entertainment handles its more mature groups versus groups that still struggle for a foothold in the industry.f(x) is still able to promote as four members now that Sulli is on hiatus, but fans are still reeling and confused.

Momo's fellow group member Jihyo was recently revealed to be dating popular K-pop star Kang Daniel.

At this point, neither Girls' Generation nor Super Junior risk anything professionally by dating.

The individual members are popular enough, and have enough solo activities, that even if one member gets brought down, the entire group will not inevitably suffer.

Shoo: The company actually supports dating within the company more.

With the recent string of high profile SM Entertainment artists revealing that they were dating, it's worth taking a moment to consider why SM Entertainment is approving some relationships and not others.

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The news was confirmed by JYP Entertainment yesterday, and Kang Daniel has given an official response to his fans.

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